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I’m gonna go right ahead and say it!!

I’m a polite girl and was raised right. Any hint of a naughty word was worthy of a smack, but the older I get the ability to ‘mind my Ps & Q’s has been lost on me.

I  swear like a drunken sailor who’s been smacked in the shin by an oar. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no advocate for children learning their way around obscenities, but I’m all for ‘as fuck’ being added to the metric system as a measurement.

So just how important is minding your language? Nothing gets me more fired up than a cathartic release of ‘FUCK’. But I don’t reserve the potty mouth for special occasions. I’ve relaxed into my colloquial cussing and I now show no remorse for dropping an F bomb in front of my grandparents (sorry Granny).

Where do you draw the line? Is atrocious language and colourful words a commonplace, is there any reason left to mind ya manners? Maybe I’m in an echo-chamber of other blasphemous baddies, but I couldn’t really give two flying fucks when you weirdos say frick instead of relishing in the freedom of profanity.

While still deemed un-lady-like I take pride in my knack for colourful expletives, and the perfection of a well-timed profanity. As a lover of writing and well, the sound of my own voice it is important to realise the power of words and the weight they carry. Emphasis and sound can change the meaning dramatically. Maybe it’s no longer the words that we use, but the way that we say them.

The other Evil Geniuses and I sometimes complete full sentences of obscenities, whether endearing or otherwise. If you ask us to turn the music down, we will probably tell you to politely piss off.

As our English gets sloppier, the foul mouths come out to play. Some think this is because we cussers have limited language skills, but I just finished reading an article (of a well-respected source) that confirms the most intelligent people swear a lot, and our lewd nature is a side effect of being a fucking genius.

So suck on that you boring bastards.

Minding your p’s and q’s could be a thing of the past. I’ll soon know the answer to that when I undoubtedly get comments about my vulgar behaviour… do your worst you mild mannered morons.

As well as the long list of things that makes compulsive swearers generally more fun and just better people, using naughty words is also a painkiller and gives you more strength.

So stone the flamin’ crows, scream bastard fucking bollocks next time you drop something on your toes. It will do a better job than Panadol ( not medically tested).