Running a hospitality business is not supposed to be easy or comfortable. If it wasn’t for the misguided enthusiasm of inexperience, I don’t think anyone with a good understanding of ‘you get out what you put in’ would attempt to start a hospo business.

Well, aside from chef’s – but they’re a different type of human.

The joys that most business owners get from owning a small bar, restaurant or cafe generally comes in the currency of great laugh’s, ridiculous conversations and the odd free beer.

Customers cry poverty and that our prices are too high.Our suppliers scream ‘pay us now or we won’t deliver.’ The fine but never blurred lines of business. Customer pays us we pay the supplier. Capeesh.

Have you ever been anywhere in public and listened to music?                

Then the onemusic mafia is watching and will be sending the heavies to collect their dues from business large and small. Supposedly this robbing hood steals from the prosperous business owners of New Zealand and pays it’s loot to the poor music artists around the country.

One Music says ‘Turning off the music for most bar owners and managers would be a very bad idea’ – No shit, says everyone ever lived.

Businesses pay for music streaming services, they pay for DJ’s, and they pay for live acts. All offer excellent service, all add value. They all deserve getting paid what is fair and what they’re worth.

According to the rate card, Evil Genius should be paying $2000+ to this racket. Do they offer a service? Are they adding value?

You can sing for it One Music.