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We are living in a world which is slowly being killed by our complete lack of responsibility and love of all things plastic.

The CCC’s recent decision to wage a war on plastic straws is the latest in New Zealand’s ‘too little too late approach’ to saving our 100% pure country.

While every little helps, you can’t get on your moral high horse and rid plastic straws but still not separate your recycling from your rubbish.

Personally, I have been a dirty little hippy since I fell out of the womb, I reduce plastics where possible, I’ve been known to abandon my trolley and run home to get my reusable bags, I jumped on the bamboo toothbrush bandwagon about 4 years ago and use everything cruelty-free.

Banning straws seems like an easy cut compared to going vegan and not eating anything processed, so why is it so hard for people to get their heads around. They either haven’t seen the video of the poor turtle with a straw up his nose, or they just want to watch the world burn.

Evil Genius doesn’t use straws, but every shift I work someone asks me for one…

No lipstick is expensive enough to warrant a straw when you have a mouth and lips perfectly designed to drink. I couldn’t give two fucks about your brain freeze or sensitive teeth. Battle the ice with your nose and lift the goddamn drink to your precious lips if you’re so bloody thirsty.

If you ask me you’re nearly as bad as the fuckers who throw their McDonalds wrappers out the window.

My next gripe is coffee cups. The stupid things aren’t recyclable if you take your last swig and chuck em in the yellow bins. Coffee cups need to be clean and dry before they are anything close to being reincarnated. The person getting takeout coffee probably is already in a rush and if you think they’re gonna wash out there cup, you’re kidding yourself If you’re someone that likes to only drink out of takeaway cups, even if you are dining in – you also make my hit list.

If we can take the plunge and ditch straws, it probably won’t break any businesses, but getting rid of takeaway coffee cups is sure to have a damming response. (WHAT WILL GIRLS IN ACTIVEWEAR DO)  In my less than educated business mind, it doesn’t appear all that economical to be environmentally friendly.

Products which are more eco-friendly are expensive, it’s hardly inspiring to save the planet when you won’t save a buck.

In some alternate universe where everyone had a moral compass, all businesses could make a stand, no more takeaway coffee cups. Sure there would be chaos, weeks of caffeine addicts roaming around yelling at people and mugs being stolen, but it would help us to stop – to slow down. The magic of coffee maybe isn’t in the effects, or in the handy takeaway containers, but in the fact that you sit down and just sip, for even just 5 minutes a day. Reset, recharge and get ready for the day.

Maybe our motto should be ‘reduce, reuse, recycle and reset’…

Take 5, have a coffee and accidentally do the environment some good at the same time.