03 260 1002 info@evilgenius.co.nz

•Must be clued up on all things related to world domination.
•Must be able to apply well-hidden tones of sarcasm to every situation.
•Must be willing to break the rules and write new ones.
•Must like Asahi.
•Must like great views.

We’re on the hunt for some thick-skinned productive; creative switched on individuals to join the Evil Genius Lair.

Can you add value to our community? Can you collaborate with a bunch of GC’s with a common goal of #getting shit done?

If you’re a creative content writer or an ideas person that can execute.
Maybe you can animate stuff. Maybe you can build things out of 1’s and 0’s
Or you’re a googley SEO type person then the chances are we’ve got a desk with your name on it.

You get to hang with cool people in a cool environment, you get to sit your arse on some cool ergostyle furniture and have cool chat’s about absolute world domination.

All for only 30 dollars per day.

If this is not you, then go and get fcuked.