If I stick to my authentic self, I better tell you I was expecting to see hoards of genius-like individuals in Star Trek t-shirts with their Dad’s old suit jacket and accompanied by an Apple watch and old running trainers.

I’d say I was about 80% correct.

The stand-out speaker for me was the keynote address by Harold Hillman. His talk on authentic leadership and his sincere story of how he got to where he is was powerful stuff.

Another was Leigh Angus, Head of Innovation at ASB.  I was impressed and surprised at the lengths that ASB are going to, to help with the growth of the startup community here in NZ and Australia. Doing what they can to change our mindsets and help us think global.

As a relative newbie to the tech world, I was all (Spok) ears. I was on a mission to find out everything I could. Who’s doing what. What app/service or company is the next big thing. Who do I watch out for?

I left even more clueless than I arrived. Aside from the recruitment companies and training facilitators, I have absolutely no clue what tech the companies exhibiting at Summit do.

The common theme in all their marketing paraphernalia was buzzwords or phrases like:

’Streamlining your process’

‘Your digital transformation partner’

‘We help you reach your full digital potential’.

‘The end to end digital solution’

‘We create collaborative tension to break through barriers’ were some of my favourites but what do they mean?’

Are they deliberately trying to confuse the money out of my pocket or am I just a wee bit daft?

Is there any point is building a life saving, game-changing, money-making app or internet thingy if you can’t tell anyone what it actually does?

You wouldn’t want a sales guy to build your website so why would you want a techie to sell you one.

p.s Canterbury Tech Summit can you please get a couple more bar leaners for next year.