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I was inspired by a couple of punters who sat at the bar throwing blog topics they would like to see covered.

We narrowly avoided the history of golden showers and the evolution of porn.

After bypassing such realms which aren’t my speciality we settled on the 110% myth. Equal to the chicken and egg theory.

Can you really do things at 110% or are you simply not trying hard enough, or are you defying the time-space continuum and breaking the laws of maths.

Within the laws of science and maths, the max percentage you can have is 100%. Correct me if I’m wrong but if you were to increase your percentage above 100 – you’d be going back over yourself? Like pie charts and circles and what not…

I can tell ya there’s a reason I work with words and it’s because I have a better chance of learning hyroglifics than comprehending numbers.

It’s the kind of sentence people put on canvases next to ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ and ‘Dance like nobody’s watching’.  So when you high achievers leap and say “I’ll give it 110%” are you a gold star wannabe or working so hard that you find an extra 10% that has never before seen the light of day.

We dabbled with scenarios where 110% could be applied. My favourite was going for a wee. When you come back from the little boys, or girls room – rate yourself. Did you wee yourself silly and get 100% out? Or could you squeeze a bit more? If your parent’s life was on the line would the extra 10% of wee find its way out?

But as we’ve established, you can’t be 110% so really, what you’re saying is you are only ever giving 90% and save 10 for life-threatening emergencies?

The moral of the story appears to be if you are completing things to the best of your ability you probably have more in you than you ever thought possible.

Don’t hold back, get that wee out. Wee to the best of your ability.

Give it 100% – give or take 10