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When you think of human trafficking, wine isn’t the first thing that springs to mind.

But maybe it should be.

This week I spoke to Alanna Chapman from 27 Seconds – a winery in North Canterbury, changing the world one bottle at a time.

Alanna and her husband, Pete went on a trip to India and had their world shaken and pushed down a new path. They saw human trafficking in action, wandering the red light districts seeing young girls who had been taken away from their homes and sold into slavery.

Alanna said she knew modern-day slavery existed, but not until you look it in the eye do you realise the extent.

With widened eyes and hearts 27 Seconds began with the odd combination of a family run winery and a job with Hagar.

The wine found its name after a breakdown of conservative stats which says every 27 seconds somewhere in the world a vulnerable person is sold into slavery or trafficked.

Terrace Edge and Greystone wineries combine their expertise to help 27 Seconds produce a deliciously, life-changing bottle of wine. All profits from the wine sold go directly into helping survivors of human trafficking.

After nearly one year of business, Alanna said the next step to world domination or in this case dominating change in the world is about getting retailers on board to sell the product, but it isn’t so simple as selling a bottle of wine – “You’ve got to get what we are about” and share the passion for knowing what impact the wines have in making a change.

At Evil Genius we are all about the big picture, so we wanted to know what the overall goal was… The (not so evil) genius plan for 27 Seconds is to “sell a crapload of good wine, give away lots of money and change some people’s lives”.

It’s so easy to change the world. It’s almost like you can do it with your eyes closed, or a glass in your hand.

You can, of course, find this succulent, and social warrior of a wine at Evil Genius – or perhaps purchase a case for Christmas…

For more information on 27 Seconds head here

The power is literally in your hand…

3 Bottles can provide a young survivor a school uniform, shoes, and  stationery for a year

5 bottles can provide a bike to get to school, making access to education easier

7 Bottles every month can put a survivor through university

Our favourite is the rosè, and we don’t mind having a hangover for a good cause.