In light of recent media events, well when I say events – I mean the political saga of all sagas.

If only media outlets hadn’t used up the title ‘the mother of all scandals’ over Winston Peters pension repayments because now would be a better time for it.

The National debacle between Jami-lee Ross and Simon Bridges has had the world (New Zealand) up in arms. Its been the perfect storm of adultery, sex, harassment, cash, secrecy, mental health meltdowns and a male bromance breakup. J+S 4eva

Anyone that has a slight political bend has been asked: “OH SO WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT SIMON BRIDGES?” – looking for some sort of insight they don’t have because normally the ‘politics’ section of the paper is used as kindling. Now that’s lit.

Now no one can tell you what really happened, not even Simon or Jami-lee because they are so muddled in their own footprints the Hansel and Grettle breadcrumbs have long ago been scoffed by Judith Collins who wants to take a bite out of the leadership sandwich.

But what I can tell you is why being invested in politics is better than reality tv.

I grew up watching the Simpsons, political satire at it’s finest – an education about most things in the world. And while I am guilty of enjoying the perils of Snookie on Jersey Shore while panda eyed and vodka breath on a Sunday morning (only because they made my earlier decisions seem tame) I don’t dabble into reality television.

What I have since discovered is the beauty and bitchiness of politics.

I generally believe people involved in politics have a fundamental character flaw, but someone’s gotta do it. They run our country and make some of the biggest decisions we face, all while camera ready, stocked with prepped answers and cue cards of someone else’s mastermind.

These people are important, but as the vast amount of media coverage shows this year, they constantly fuck up.

The media is there to hold them accountable, they know that, so why on earth do they keep sleeping with people they shouldn’t, hide money they ‘don’t have’ and call people ‘fucking useless’, when anyone with half a brain knows that anything you say will literally bite you in the ass.

Along the same lines of Jersey Shore and the Kardashians we have seen tantrums, meltdowns, recorded phone calls, rehabilitation, police investigations, harassment claims, lies, cash, general fuckboy behaviour and Winston Peters meme-ing the nation with a rendition of the song ‘burning bridges’.

If you think some Hollywood film writers can come up with more drama than that, you’re just too much.

Ditch E TV and get on board with the real-life drama in front of you. Invest in politics, make educated decisions and hold people accountable for being absolute fuckwits.