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Dr Doom, Wile Coyote, The Brain, Darth Vader. Evil Geniuses. We all love to hate them. We villianise them. But one thing you can’t deny, they come up with some radical, creative and very ambitious schemes fuelled by a relenting drive and determination. And no matter how many times they fail, they keep coming back.

These traits are similar to those of an entrepreneur. Now entrepreneurs out there will know that being an entrepreneur is not at all glamorous – it’s a hard life filled with hard knocks. You are faced with ‘no” all the time. There are no handouts. And you constantly feel the world is against you. But you got to pick yourself up again and again and keep going, following your vision, never giving up. The most successful ones are the ones who never give up. The ones who stuck to their vision and never took their eyes off the prize. The highly ambitious. Constantly thinking of fresh new ways of doing things. Resourcefully making shit happen.

But in the media, good always wins in the end, and the evil genius fails yet again. Mainly it’s because the evil genius was sloppy, they leave the room before the hero is dipped into the piranha-infested acid pool. They could have easily taken him out when there was a perfectly good opportunity to do so. The reason most evil geniuses fail is ego. That they think they will always win, that they are the cleverest in the world and can do it on their own. Their ego is their own worst enemy.

What if they lost their egos and all these crazy thinkers joined forces? Imagine the plan Wile Coyote and Dr Doom could muster up? I’m sure the coyote will push the realms of what Dr Doom would have imagined up with by himself with a bit of Acme magic. Or what about Darth Vader and The Brain? If they realised they had a similar vision of world domination and worked together they’d be formidable. They’d have each other’s back and make sure all the pitfalls are covered. Now imagine if they all joined up – they’d be unstoppable.

We call it collaborating to compete – enlisting talented, creative individuals or groups with varied backgrounds in digital marketing, advertising, technology, video production, interior design, product design, engineering, architecture, recruitment and legal. All passionate and confident in their own ability and artistry. Each running their own business, are hungry to succeed and all bring something different to the table. By combining forces, there is the ability and resource to tailor a team to take on bigger, bolder projects – and execute them very well and very cost-effectively. The agile nature of the model allows to be more resourceful with budgets and the diverse and eclectic nature of the talents gives the depth of knowledge to take ideas and grow them in all sorts of ways.

We at Evil Genius believe this type of business model is where the world is going with fewer overheads, more flexibility and no bureaucracy. In our modern, ever-changing world, we all need to be ready to roll with the punches and we believe this is our competitive advantage moving forward.

If you would like to talk about a project you may have that needs creative thinking or to be skillfully executed, then get in touch as we have the team to help you reach your full potential.