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Filled to the brim with ambition, unyielding when it comes to achieving our goals, regardless of constant beatings or failures.

With a combination of creativity, resourcefulness and courage, we relentlessly plot our cunning plans, build our clever inventions and conjure up countless bad ass ideas.

Always with a willingness to get through extreme ordeals, risking death (or worse), in pursuit of our common vision.

Absolute World Domination.

This is Evil Genius Co-working Lair & Bar.


Co-working – Work Different

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I am writing this from Underground Coffee, which i might add is the Underground HQ directly across the road from our awesome new co-working Space Quad. Typing this on my iPad with a grin and a great flat white, after years of seeing technology evolve,

Co-Working – The Shift Toward New Ways of Working

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What does Monday morning look like in your mirror? Is there a glint in your eye? Is optimism and energy emanating from every pore? Or do you appear grey and distinctly ho-hum about the whole darn thing, just psyching yourself up to make it through to Friday?